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Tracklist: Updated Weekly

New songs are added every Sunday (highlighted). Enjoy over 1 hour of Christian Hip Hop from legends, rising stars, and independent artists:

  1. Reflection — Jonathan Baker feat. Christon Gray
  2. Timepiece — Lecrae
  3. Child's Play — Matthew Flores aka Flo
  4. 08XVI — B-Luv feat. Darion Ja'Von
  5. The Greatest Need — Da' T.R.U.T.H.
  6. Therapy Session — NF
  7. GAMEFACE — KJ-52 feat. KB & Soul Glow Activatur
  8. Take My Life — Thi'sl feat. Flame & Json
  9. Pop Out Revenge — Social Club Misfits feat. Amari
  10. So It Begins — S.O.
  11. Inspire — AMP Movement feat. Gowe, NAK, Mickey Cho, Jeff Yoo
  12. Road to Humble — Sho Baraka
  13. Organic — Ozay Moore
  14. Shalom — J. Han feat. John Givez
  15. Stay — Sam Ock
  16. What Lies Beneath — Theory Hazit feat. Melanie Rutherford and DJ Flip Flop
  17. Chasing Nothing — J. Han
  18. Mountains — Sean C. Johnson
  19. Rain — Ackdavis feat. LIV
  20. Doomsday Cypher — Andy Mineo, Dee-1, and MC Jin

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We love music that ministers to people. That's why we created a variety of playlist for everyone to enjoy:

What is Christian Hip Hop?

When the genre of Christian Hip Hop first emerged, many people were skeptical of the idea of mixing Christian themes with such a secular scene. For the most part, however, Christians have come to love and appreciate artists such as tobyMac and Lecrae who have driven this genre to success.

Final Note

Check in every week for new music, as we strive to feature a variety of songs from independent artists, rising stars, and Christian Hip Hop greats that ministers to your personal journey.

Special thanks to Hot Music Factory for supporting our music ministry initiative; and everyone who contributed to the PraiseOn Christian Hip Hop Playlist.

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